Serious Injury Attorney for Critical Cases

You can never be completely prepared for a serious injury. You can’t guess the time or place. One thing’s for sure, a serious injury will definitely have a great impact on your life. That is why we, at Tim L. Bowden, Attorney at Law in Goodlettsville, TN are dedicated to helping our clients file their serious injury claims and will do our best to ensure there will be a successful conclusion.

Serious Injury Attorney in Goodlettsville TN

File a Case With A Serious Injury Claims Attorney in Goodlettsville For These Cases:

In order to qualify for benefits for your serious injury claim, the injury must be one that is permanent and serious. Serious injuries include:

1. Impairment or loss of a body function

2. Disfigurement

3. Mental or behavioral disorder

4. Loss of a fetus.

How to File Claims

Determination. The first thing to do is to establish whether the injury you have falls under the classification of serious injuries. Your claim will not be granted if you are not eligible. We can help you to assess whether you qualify to make a claim or not. We have handled numerous cases involving serious injuries and are well-versed in the laws governing such injuries.

Insurance or Social security. If the serious injury was a result of an accident or due to someone else’s negligence, it is best to check whether that person has insurance coverage for such an occurrence. Making claims against insurance companies can be very tricky and complicated. We can help you make a claim against insurance companies and ensure you receive the needed compensation for serious injuries. We can also provide expert legal advice for filing claims with Social Security for injuries that result in disabilities.

Representation. It will not always be the case that the person liable, his insurance company, your insurance provider, or Social Security, will compensate you or grant your claim. There might be a need to file a lawsuit. We can be of great service to you and will be there for you from the very start, from offering expert advice on how to strengthen your claim up to the time your case is tried.

We understand the hardship when suffering a serious injury. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to help every client who comes to us with a serious injury claim. We will take care of your case for you. Call us today to get assistance with a serious injury claims attorney or a personal injury attorney in Goodlettsville, TN!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do serious injury lawsuits take?
Serious injury lawsuits can take months. In some cases, it even takes years to reach a settlement agreement.

When do I need to contact an attorney for serious injury cases?
Contact an attorney when seeking reimbursement or facing issues with an insurance company.

The insurance company said I don’t need an attorney—is that true?
Remember, your interests are not the same as the insurance company’s interests.

What damages am I entitled to recover?
It depends on the damages sustained and the type of case.

How soon after I am injured do I have to file a lawsuit?
The timeframe that you have to file for a lawsuit is called the statute of limitations. Failing to file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires will forever bar your case.