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“Whiplash” is the term referring to a neck injury caused by the sudden back and forth motion of the neck during a vehicular accident. During car accidents, the driver and the passenger’s bodies are pushed forward by the sudden impact which causes damage to the soft tissues of the neck. Other causes of whiplash aside from car accidents include sports accidents, physical assault, slipping and falling. The symptoms of whiplash can appear immediately or can be delayed. The symptoms of whiplash include neck pain and stiffness pain, headache, dizziness, blurry vision, fatigue, insomnia, and limited range of motion for the neck.

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If you have been involved in a vehicular accident, make sure to seek medical treatment as soon as possible especially if you feel even a light amount of pain and discomfort. Always keep in mind that the symptoms of whiplash may not be felt immediately. You can ask the medical personnel or doctor to check for signs of whiplash and make a report about it if there is whiplash.

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If you do have sustained whiplash because of the accident, you can start to prepare for an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. If you need a personal injury attorney, send us a message. Keep a record of all of your medical and hospital expenses, the incident, and police reports, as well as the medical reports on your condition. All of these will help you get compensation.

Another important thing to do is to get legal representation from a whiplash attorney. You should get a whiplash lawyer in Goodlettsville that has plenty of experience in handling cases of individuals who sustained whiplash because of vehicular accidents. Your whiplash attorney is going to be the one to guide and assist you in getting the monetary compensation that you deserve.

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