Dedicated Work Injury Representation

Work-related injuries are those that are directly caused by your working environment, or the work itself contributed to the injury that resulted. It also covers existing injuries that have been aggravated due to the nature of the work. Determining whether an injury is considered as work-related can be a bit tricky. At Tim Bowden Attorney at Law, our experienced and successful work-related injury attorney in Goodlettsville, TN will help you establish personal injury claim for a work-related injury. Contact a personal injury attorney today.

Work Injury Attorney in Goodlettsville TN

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Work Related Injury Attorney in Goodlettsville, TN

Factors To Determine Work-Related Injury Cases

Tim Bowden has handled plenty of cases concerning work related injuries. He has studied these cases and is well versed with the entire process. He has also identified common factors to determine whether an injury is work related or not.

1. Purpose. An injury is considered work related when it occurs during the time you are at work or in an area connected with your workplace. This implies that even if you are not at your actual workplace, if an injury occurs, it will still be considered work related as long as your purpose for being in such an area is work related.

2. Transportation. An injury that occurs while you are travelling in a company vehicle that takes you to or from work may still be considered as a work related injury. The important thing to consider is that it is the employer who provided the vehicle and that it is his responsibility.

3. Company Activities. Even if you are not at your actual workplace or you’re not actually working, any injury that occurs may still be considered as work related if it happens during a company sponsored activity. This includes company outings, parties and other gatherings that are sponsored by the company or your employer. If an employee is intoxicated during one of these events, any injury arising can still be considered as work related.

4. Mental or Emotional Stress. It is not only physical injury that is considered a work related injury, mental and emotional stresses may also be covered. These types of injuries might be a little difficult to deal with since they are hard to prove, but the work related injury attorneys at Tim Bowden Attorney at Law can build a case out of such an injury and help you make a claim.

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The law provides employees a remedy for work-related injuries. For you to avail of this remedy, you will need to have an excellent work-related injury lawyer to represent you with your claim. Tim Bowden is an expert in these types of cases and has represented many employees in claiming successfully. Call us now to schedule an appointment for work-related injury attorney in Goodlettsville, TN.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my workers’ compensation case take?

It depends on a lot of factors, one big one being the insurance company. If they are helpful and give you what we deem the proper compensation, the process will be faster than some.

How soon should I let my employer know that I’m injured?

If you were injured at work, your priority is to seek medical assistance first but you should also let your employer know about the injury as soon as possible.

What should I do if I’ve been fired after being injured at work?

It is illegal for an employer to fire an employee after being injured in a workplace accident. Contact us immediately to discuss our legal options.

What work-related injuries are covered by workers’ compensation?

Worker’ Compensation insurance covers work-related injuries including diseases and other illnesses that are caused by the employee’s work. This also covers a previous injury that has been aggravated on the job.