Slip and Fall Injury Legal Assistance

Slip and fall injuries occur when a person slips, trips over objects, and falls, resulting in injuries. This often occurs on the premises of another person’s property. It doesn’t matter whether the owner is occupying the property at the time or if there is someone else taking care of it for him/her. The owner may be held liable, as well as his employee or caretaker. Our attorney at law at Tim L. Bowden is an expert slip and fall injury attorney in Goodlettsville, TN. We have handled countless cases and have assisted people in getting what is due to them.

Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer in Goodlettsville TN

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Guide From A Slip and Fall Injury Attorney in Goodlettsville, TN

1. Owner. There are two ways that an owner can be held liable for slip and fall injuries on their premises. It is important to note that both the owner and his agent can be held liable. The first way is if he failed to recognize a hazardous condition at his premises or did not do anything to remove or repair such a condition. Among the factors to consider here is whether an average person should have noticed the hazardous condition and if such a person had reasonable opportunity to fix the situation prior to the accident. The second way is that if the owner, or anyone on his behalf, directly contributed to the hazardous condition which leads to the injury. It is important to consider if it was reasonably foreseeable that someone might be injured because of the hazardous condition created.

2. Negligence. An individual is negligent if he fails to exercise reasonable diligence expected from a prudent person under similar circumstances. This means that as a property owner, it is up to him to make sure that anyone who enters the property will not be exposed to a hazard that can result in injury. His failure to take heed of any potential danger will make him negligent and, therefore, liable.

3. Damages. The extent of damages has to be determined in order to have a solid claim. You will need all the necessary information surrounding the injury. One of the most important documents here is your medical documentation and any other proof of loss resulting from the injury.

4. Injury Lawyer. Proving all the above can be very complicated. That is why you will need to have a good slip and fall injury lawyer. We are well versed in determining the presence of negligence and proving the negligence of the owner. Our slip and fall injury lawyers will handle your case for you and get fair compensation for you and your family.

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If you have more questions about slip and fall injuries or you need legal representation, do not hesitate to visit or call Tim L. Bowden, Attorney at Law today for a slip and fall injury attorney or a personal injury lawyer in Goodlettsville, TN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a lawyer for my slip and fall case?
Yes, slip and fall cases are not as easy as they may seem. It’s your responsibility to prove that the defendant was negligent and caused you injuries.

Who can I sue if I slip on public property?
You can sue the owner of the property.