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The military is the backbone of U.S. history and has withstood the test of time. As one of the most high-risk professions, the U.S. Government has been continually generating ways to protect every service member during and after the time of their service. Veterans and those still in the service are susceptible to many health conditions, and the seven most common known health conditions are the following:

  • Mental health problems
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Physical Injuries and recurring pain
  • Urological injuries
  • Infections
  • Chemical exposure
  • Hearing loss/problems from vibration and loud noise exposure

Of the seven health conditions, it is easy to overlook noise exposure because the government purchased combat earplugs designed specifically for military situations and equipped all members in the service with these. However, veterans and current service members who served from 2002 to 2016 suffered from tinnitus or hearing loss. The investigation of the incident showed that the soldiers’ hearing loss resulted from faulty dual-sided 3M Combat Arms Earplugs (CAEv2). Hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and deafness create difficulty in performing daily tasks, difficulty in acquiring employment after military service and depression. The Law Office of Tim L. Bowden is dedicated to helping military members and veterans live a normal life after carrying out an honorable service to their country. If you have product liability concerns, send us a message today.

Defective Military Ear Plugs Lawyer

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), hearing issues are “by far the most prevalent service-connected disability among American Veterans.” There are 1.6 million veterans receiving compensation for tinnitus with over a million more receiving compensation for hearing disabilities in 2017. Studies show that the actual number is higher because many Veterans don’t report their condition and associate it with aging instead.

If you (or your loved ones) served in the military between 2002 to 2016, there is a high probability that the hearing anomaly you are experiencing is caused by the Dual-Ended Combat Arms Earplugs manufactured by the company 3M. In July of 2018, 3M admitted to breaking the False Claims Act and resolved the issue by paying the U.S. Defense Department $9.1 million. Subsequently, veterans and active soldiers with diagnosed hearing impairment caused by defective military earplugs are entitled to compensation for damages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses.

Military Earplugs Hearing Loss Lawyer in Goodlettsville, TN

If you are unsure about seeking legal help with your hearing issue, it is always better to know your options first. Though hearing loss is a common disability that comes with aging, premature hearing problems can cause serious problems in the future. In a 2015 study, researchers discovered that 79.1% of people with tinnitus suffer from anxiety, 59.3% suffer from depression, and 58.2% experience both anxiety and depression. Furthermore, it is also found that older people with hearing problems tend to confine themselves to a smaller living space, which can ultimately reduce their quality of life.

Reports claim that 3M was aware of the military earplugs’ defects as early as the year 2000, but they never told the military until a whistleblower came out in 2018 resulting in a lawsuit. Veterans and active soldiers who risk their lives on a daily basis are the victims of this injustice and are entitled to compensation from the company 3M. Tim L Bowden Attorney at Law has been protecting the rights of injured individuals for more than 20 years. Our expert legal services are available to residents in the Nashville and middle Tennessee area. Contact our office at 615-375-4895 for a consultation on a possible 3M CAEv2 earplug lawsuit. Our legal advisers and personal injury lawyers or personal injury attorneys will guide you towards receiving the compensation you deserve.