Aggressive DUI Accident Legal Defense

Inevitably, drunk driving is categorized as one of the main causes of accidents. In fact, it is the primary cause of death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Driving under the influence of alcohol is considered a major problem nowadays. Signs and safety precautions are all around the streets, but people still disregard them. Legal action is needed when facing these problems, not just for the drunk driver but also for the people who are affected by the incident. Our office in Goodlettsville, TN represents the rights of the victims. Go to your local drunk driving accident attorney for legal advice if you have been accused of driving drunk.

DUI Accident Attorney in Goodlettsville TN

Consulting A Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Injuries in drunk driving cases can become more severe than in other accidents. Drunk drivers often lose control while driving, leading to head-on collisions and even rollover accidents. Some injuries may be expensive to treat, but with our help, we can assure you that you will be well compensated. These are the most common, severe and fatal injuries caused by drunk driver accidents:

Significant injuries like these require not only serious medical treatment and therapy, some can also lead to a permanent, miserable life. One consequence could be having to change your day to day routine. Another is losing your job, such that you can’t generate income, leaving you and your family in crisis. We will help you regarding this matter and ensure the person accountable covers all your losses.

After the Accident

Some people experiencing a drunk driving accident may become hysterical or in shock after the incident. These reactions can confuse their way of thinking and therefore some victims don’t know what to do next. Before you call a drunk driving accident lawyer for help, here are the basic rules to follow after an accident. Try to remain calm and focused. Be sure to carry out these simple steps and we will do the rest.

Get Medical Attention, Call the Police and Gather Important Information

Even if you do not appear to be injured, you still need to call the police. Every person involved should be questioned by police and examined by a medical professional. Medical documents are good evidence for valid future claims.

  • Get the contact information of anyone who is involved in the incident.
  • Make sure to note the names of the police officers who assisted in the investigation of the incident, if possible.
  • Inform your insurance provider. 

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Personal Documentation

  • Note down the driver’s license number and plate numbers of all vehicles that are involved.
  • Take pictures if possible, include vehicle damage, injuries, and the surrounding environment. This information will be an excellent tool if and when legal action is necessary.

What to Avoid

  • Avoid signing a waiver or any document from insurance companies, except the police report
  • Avoid discussing the accident with anyone at the scene, except for the police. When the police ask you, do not admit fault but only describe what happened.  Fully describe any pain you are suffering, even if it’s minor.

Expert Lawyers to Ask

If you’re badly injured because of a drunk driving accident caused by another driver’s recklessness, we will fight for you to acquire the compensation you need to recover. Our experienced and successful drunk driving accident attorney Goodlettsville, TN who can provide expert and trusted lawyers and staff to help you. Please call us today if you need a drunk driving accident attorney in Goodlettsville, TN or need a personal injury lawyer.