Navigating Social Security Claims with Precision

Many people who apply for Social Security Disability or injury compensation are denied. Social security lawyers are important because they will represent and help their clients get compensation for their disability or injury. Statistics show that many people who apply for Social Security disability or injury compensation without any representation from social security lawyers are usually denied. It is therefore of vital importance to get a social security disability attorney in order to have a much greater chance of being approved.

Social Security Lawyer in Goodlettsville TN

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Why Hire An Expert Social Security Disability Lawyer in Goodlettsville?

If you have been working for at least ten years, then you are eligible for Social Security benefits. 10 years is the minimum amount of working years in order to get 40 credits, which is the minimum amount of credits needed to avail your benefits but you need to reach the age of 62 before you start getting payouts from social security.

For the Social Security disability or injury benefits, those who are eligible are the workers who work in jobs covered and those who have disabilities or injuries that prevent them from working. If approved, the worker will continue to receive the Social Security disability and injury benefits and compensation until he or she has recovered and can work again regularly.

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Why You Should Get A Social Security Disability Attorney

There are many reasons why you should hire social security lawyers or a Social Security disability lawyer. The main reason is to increase your chances of being approved by the Social Security. Being denied your application for disability and injury compensation is a usual occurrence. Having Social Security lawyers who know how to prepare a case to help you receive fair compensation will definitely make it more likely for you to win the case and get your Social Security disability or injury benefits. Another advantage is that most of these Social Security lawyers will usually not receive fees if the client does not get the compensation and benefits they are applying for.

Why You Should Choose The Law Office of Tim Bowden

The Law Office of Tim Bowden is devoted to serving and protecting injured individuals as we are expert personal injury attorneys. We have experienced injury lawyers who are always ready to provide you the highest quality of legal representation and help you receive the compensation you deserve. Get a veteran disability attorney from our Law Office to get the best legal services available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact an attorney about representation? Should I wait until my hearing is scheduled?

ASAP – you need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Not contacting a lawyer until your hearing is scheduled may be too late for an attorney to gather all necessary information.

What does it mean to be “disabled” when it comes to applying for SSD benefits?

Conditions that will meet the Social Security Administration’s strict definition of a disabled.

What will happen at my Social Security Disability benefits hearing?

The Administrative Law Judge will review all the evidence and hear witnesses’ testimonies and will decide whether to approve or deny your claim. It is very important to make sure you case is thoroughly prepared before the hearing date.

Do I need an attorney to help me with my Social Security Disability benefits case?

Yes, an attorney can play a vital role in your claim if you’re seeking Social Security Disability benefits.

How do I apply for Social Security Disability benefits?
3 Ways To Submit An Application:

  • Go to your local SSA field office.
  • Call the SSA’s toll-free number at (800) 772-1213.
  • Submit your application online by going to