Disability Attorney in Goodlettsville TN

Disability Attorney in Goodlettsville TN

Disability claims are filed in order to establish entitlement to disability benefits. This is an aid provided by the government for those people who are entitled under the law. Social Security is one agency that pays people for eligible claims. There are also other services who may provide benefits. Some will cover partial disabilities or short-term disabilities. People who may claim social security disability are those that are unable to work due to a medical condition that prevents them from working for at least one year.

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Disability Claims Requirements Guide From A Disability Lawyer

1. Eligibility. Before you file your disability claim, you must first make sure that you are entitled to do so. You can either check what is on the disability benefits plan for your disability entitlements or you can check what is listed with the Social Security Administration.

2. Earnings. There are two tests used in determining whether or not you comply with the earnings requirement for claiming disability benefits. The first is recent work tests. This test depends on how old you were at the time the disability occurred. The second is the duration of work test. This test will show that you’ve already worked long enough to qualify for disability benefits.

3. Application. You will need to fill out an application form for disability claims. You may either do this online or you can make an appointment with your health provider or with Social Security. You must file the application as soon as you become disabled.

4. Determination. After filing your application, your health provider or the Social Security will review it and determine whether or not you are eligible to receive disability benefits. They will also check if you have complied with all the necessary requirements so far.

Expert Legal Advice and Determination. This is one of the important requirements needed for your disability claim. It is important to note that not all types of disability are covered and it is not always the case that you will be awarded benefits. Having an expert attorney in this field will help improve your case. The attorneys and staff at the Law Office of Tim L. Bowden — have successfully represented many people with their disability claims. From making sure that they have complied with all the requirements, to the time that an appeal needs to be made against an adverse decision, up to the time the claim is awarded, we will take care of your case. Call us for more information.

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